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Mixed Media

As primary vehicles totemic images of the human figure and the horse express the essence of form, exploring the sensuous subtle shifts of line and movement in bas-relief and three-dimensional images that transcend self-limiting cultural and aesthetic preconceptions.

Creating and simplifying a form with clean strong lines and economy of means heightened the potency of the torso - animal or human in expressing the gesture of the figure. The limitation of form caused by the need for bases led to exploring smaller, more personal pieces that could be readily transported resulted in a series of small yet powerful bronze forms that assume multiple positions and can be carried in felt or leather bags.

The hollow form images beginning in life-size clay in the 1980s, evolved into the present mixed media hollow-form iconic Scream images that do not speak to the emptiness of the soul, but rather to the burden of ‘the vessel’ or that, which is open –holding as well as giving and releasing.

Blue Horse, the first of the mixed media hollow-form pieces, inspired from an essay by Danilo Dolci in the book Facing Apocalypse, spoke to healing, rising out of the ashes of death and loss and engendered an overwhelming need to explore the emotions of loss and pain within powerful and sensuous forms.  

Margaret Losinski